Kairoi partners with Future Medicine AI

18th August 2023, by Ismael Kherroubi Garcia

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Earlier this month, Kairoi was featured on FMAI Hub in an interview about fostering responsible tech cultures in the health research setting (you can watch the interview by signing up for free here). We are now proud to announce that Kairoi has become a Launch Partner with FMAI.

FMAI Hub is powered by Future Medicine, part of Future Science Group (FSG), a progressive scientific publisher, curating online, print and in-person resources to serve the scientific and medical communities. Future Medicine AI is the latest addition to FSG’s journals, and covers all topics relating with medical AI. FMAI Hub is the journal’s digital hub, currently free to access and hosting content on eight broad topics:

  • Drug discovery and development
  • Ethics and regulation
  • Medical imaging and biomedical diagnostics
  • Multi-omics research
  • Next-generation clinical trials
  • Precision medicine
  • Real-world evidence
  • Workflow optimisation

This partnership is a recognition of Kairoi’s innovative approach to AI ethics, focussing on organisational mechanisms that enable more reflexive and impactful tech cultures. This partnership means we will continue to contribute ethics and regulation content to FMAI-hub on an annual basis.

The partnership celebrates two of the four pillars for responsible AI: better communication strategies and robust governance. On the one hand, we will support FMAI’s use of informative, accurate and engaging language in the content they curate and produce. On the other hand, we will speak to the establishment of quality control mechanisms that promote research integrity.

Leading the responsible AI revolution is not something one can do alone, and we warmly welcome this new partnership.

🔗Sign up free to FMAI Hub and learn to foster inclusive cultures in medical research.


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Ismael Kherroubi Garcia, FRSA

Ismael is the founder and CEO of Kairoi.

You can find him on LinkedIn, Mastodon and Twitter.

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