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25th May 2023, by Ismael Kherroubi Garcia

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On 21st May, Kairoi was featured in a post written for the Ethical AI Database (EAIDB).¹ The database lists organisations in the ethical artificial intelligence (AI) startup ecosystem, and provides in-depth analyses of the booming business area. Kairoi has been featured in the EAIDB as a “Governance, Risk and Compliance consultancy” (GRC) since January 2023.²

Screenshot from the EAIDB showing their compilation of GRC startup logos in black and white, including Kairoi's, which is in colour

Kairoi contributed two key messages for the EAIDB’s post. Firstly, a comment was provided on the future of the ethical AI startup ecosystem. In the short-term, there is a greater potential for automated GRC solutions. This is because they may be more appealing to data-driven enterprises, can be quickly geared towards new legal requirements, and can streamline algorithmic auditing processes. In the long-run, GRC consultancies such as Kairoi will become more in-demand, as it becomes clearer that systematic approaches to responsible AI are necessary to effect more impactful change.

Secondly, there is a need for the broader ethical AI ecosystem to collaborate and rise to the challenge of responsible AI. This is on the basis that the challenge is complex and no one approach will suffice to render AI systems responsible. Indeed, GRC solutions are already very diverse, from the more technical interventions by algorithmic auditors, to those of us who focus on organisational processes and upskilling “non-technical” staff. By fostering collaboration amongst GRC consultants, we can more readily steer developments in AI towards overcoming real societal challenges.

At Kairoi, we are developing our own Responsible AI Canvas that enables a holistic approach for our clients to lead the responsible AI revolution. We acknowledge the need for diverse solutions and focus on developing better communications strategies, advising on technical solutions, enabling public engagement, and implementing effective governance mechanisms.

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¹ Raghunathan (2023) The Ethical AI Startup Ecosystem 05: Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Montréal AI Ethics Institute

² Ethical AI Database (2023) EAIDB 2022 Report, EAIDB


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Ismael Kherroubi Garcia, FRSA

Ismael is the founder and CEO of Kairoi.

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