Exploring Data Hazard Labels at AI UK

16th March 2023, by Ismael Kherroubi Garcia

Data Hazards Labels / datahazards.com / CC-BY 4.0

On 21st March, we’ll be at AIUK supporting the Data Hazards project¹ led by Dr. Natalie Zelenka and Dr. Nina Di Cara from University of Bristol’s Jean Golding Institute.

A team of facilitators will be on hand to present the Data Hazards project and foster discussions about the moral concerns raised by data-driven research.

A series of posters will describe data science proposals for visitors to reflect on their ethics and assign the Data Hazard labels they find most relevant. Among them will be a case study developed in a recent report Kairoi contributed to: Looking Before We Leap.²

General Data Hazard label. A series of 1's and 0's form an exclamation mark on a bright orange sign.

 If you are at AIUK, pay us a visit at stall C11!


¹ Zelenka, N. & Di Cara, N. H. Data Hazards (Version 1.0) [Computer software: https://github.com/very-good-science/data-hazards]

² Kherroubi Garcia, I. (2023) Report: Looking before we leap, [available online: https://kairoi.uk/blog/looking-before-we-leap/]


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