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Guiding the moral fibre of the future of innovation through practical organisational change.


Empowering artificial intelligence (AI) researchers, innovators and organisations to identify and better guide key decisions. 


By co-designing feasible policies with our clients and delivering impactful workshops, we help embed moral values into practical organisational mechanisms. 


These interventions range from communication strategies and technical solutions, to participatory approaches and research governance structures.

About the Founder

Ismael founded Kairoi after years of experience in various sectors and diverse roles, from facilities in the arts, to learning and development in fintech, to research governance in data science.


Throughout his career, he has valued thoughtful and practical organisational processes. His studies in Business Management & Administration and Philosophy of the Social Sciences inspired him to establish philosophically robust approaches to the complex decision-making processes that organisations face.


Kairoi was born out of Ismael’s desire to continue building clarity into organisational processes as informed by rigorous philosophical inquiry and research.

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